Terroir fossielenThe vineyard that stretches out over two hectares is located in the Krindaal, a winding valley that leads from De Plank to Sint Martens and Sint Pietersvoeren.

The south-facing sun-drenched slopes surrounded to the north by a dense woodland, make this the ideal location for a vineyard.

But, it is not just the location that makes this spot so appropriate for growing vines, but also the silex and limestone ground that was once part of great sea that covered all of Europe 70 million years ago, that gives these wines their widely appreciated minerality.


In good summers the thick silex stones are warmed by the sun and after dusk, they continue release their heat and the grapes continue in turn to absorb the heat that remains in the soil for hours.

Although our climate is very changeable and unpredictable, the microclimate in the vineyard generally provides sufficient heat throughout the season to ripen the grapes.

On the photo here you can see the fossils of sea urchins and pintail octopus – relics from the shallow part of the sea that covered the vineyards millions of years ago.